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As consumers with a conscience, we have a responsibility to future generations to focus our attention on the sustainable. To choose quality over quantity, becoming connoisseurs and appreciating the true value of the things we own. In France, we like to call it l’art de vivre. The art of living well. It’s the spirit that drives us to enhance our lives with exceptional products, designed with care and attention and built to last. Beauty becomes a legacy, something to pass onto future generations.

With our rich tradition of crafting for the elite, S. T. Dupont creates exceptional products that are designed to stand the test of time. More than objects to simply possess, these are objects to make your own.

An exquisite firestarter, lighting a flame to pass to the next generation. The pleasure of writing, forming words that have first taken shape in your mind.The easy familiarity of a favourite travel bag that carries with it the patina of past adventures. The reassuring weight of a cufflink at your wrist. These are talismans. Cult objects. Heirlooms.Yours for a lifetime, to be passed to the next generation. Enjoyed as part of a ritual, given to mark a rite of passage, and all imbued with a powerful emotional resonance. Keeping the flame of passion alive, from one generation to the next.The art of the exceptional, with you every day, everywhere.



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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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