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Brand story

Based in Inca, Majorca and created in 1877, Lottusse combines a classic style with the latest trends in a winning formula that has made it popular all over the world as footwear and accessories brand.

To this day, 133 years later, the fourth generation Fluxá continues leading Lottusse. At the same place, in Inca, Mallorca. Antonio and his son, Juan Antonio keeps alive the passionate spirit of those artisans.

Despite the importance of the design and technique, a Lottusse product could not be produced without the noblest materials. Besides being one of the few brands which can dispose of the most exclusive genuining cordovan tan, we are remarkably demanding when selecting our leather, soles, thread and linning suppliers. All the products of LOTTUSSE carry a high level of requirement leads to be accurate in every step and do it manually.

Leather is a key ingredient in Lottusse products, worked with its signature Goodyear system (it takes more than 300 stitches with a thread of eight ends soaked in resin to join the sole of the shoe with the insole without perforating it. This is how the Goodyear system began, implemented in his days by Mestre Fluxá), and a handcrafted technique(A process which has being perfectionated throughout the years and which is spread over four days, in which more than sixty artisans carry out 120 and 130 manual operations. Only one in every hundred shoes which are produced is done this way). A Mediterranean essence with a very urban, cosmopolitan twist is a defining feature of its style.

Shapes should adapt to new requirements, both in women, and men. Therefore at Lottusse we diversify our product range. More than just footwear, Lottusse accessories and complements also emphasis the added value of craftsmanship to produce a sporty, elegant and thoroughly combinable total look.

In the international area, LOTTUSSE has opened boutiques in Europe and Asia, it made a solid entry into China in 2003. Our priority is to conform of those who visit us. The brand presents its men’s and women’s collections at tradeshows around the world.

It is said that in Mestro Antoni Fluxa’s workshop, at the end of each day, each artisan would wrap the pair of shoes they were working on in a scarf. Because of them not having a model to copy, the shoe makers had to depend on their own spirit of self-improvement—Lottusse’s spirit.


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