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Originating from Paris in 1876 by couple Angèle Lancel and Alphonse Lancel, Lancel has been offering customers impeccable craftsmanship for 144 years. The visionary couple are representatives of Paris in the "good times" (from the end of the 19th century to the outbreak of World War I). As an iconic French leather goods brand, Lancel is constantly innovating to create exquisite products that are practical, elegant, and rich in cultural aesthetics. These products also embody the Lancel art of living - the French spirit and eagerness to embrace the world.

French Fantaisie, is an attitude, an identity, a concept of elegance. That combination of refinement and originality which is at the heart of French culture.

Our Maison is the first to make leather goods the embodiment of French Fantaisie.

Lancel’s flair for playful elegance is expressed in the exquisite detailing of our creations, supported by our leather-working expertise and our taste for adding an element of surprise. Carefully selected leathers in daring combinations, colorful sensuality, artfully clever clasps: Adding a touch of playfulness —and a dash of wit— in unexpected places requires a perfect sense of style.

More than a legacy, it is a state of mind which infuses our creativity and inspires our panache.


  • Call : 0512-80166613
  • Store location : No. 183, Bicester Village Suzhou, No. 969 Yangchenghuan Road, SIP, Suzhou
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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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