【Elegant Prosper雅莹】折扣店_比斯特苏州购物村(奕欧来奥特莱斯)
【Elegant Prosper雅莹】_比斯特苏州购物村(奕欧来奥特莱斯)
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EP YAYING stays true to its cultural heritage by exploring the beauty of independence and self-confidence with modern day women through an international perspective and Chinese ingenuity.

The free spirit, positive outlook and inner strength of an increasingly diverse and expressive Chinese female audience are encapsulated in EP YAYING’s creations that are full of fun and personality.

Creativity, quality fabric and exquisite craftsmanship remain at the heart of the brand in its continual homage to positive, modern and strong femininity.


  • Call : 0512-68134803
  • Store location : No. 98, Bicester Village Suzhou, No. 969 Yangchenghuan Road, SIP, Suzhou
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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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