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In 2005, our men's wear brand CROQUIS(速写) was founded by the Group. This brand is devoted to gathering a group of new generation of middle-class youth who are optimistic, independent, and began to re-discover themselves with a composed and rational perspective. CROQUIS(速写) adheres to its artistic DNA, with the brand value that “Re-Consider Humorously”, endeavors to develop elegant and playful clothes for men between the ages of 25 and 40 who enjoy the fun of dressing. Our brand, continually guided by the aesthetic design concepts of “ Elegant, Playful, Contemporary and Textured”, thanks to superior fabrics and distinguished craftsmanship, creative collections, and high versatility, offers consumers new perspectives on life as well as an enjoyable dressing experience.re.


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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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