Founded in Lesa in 1948, at the mouth of the river with the same name which flows shortly thereafter into Lake Maggiore, Herno has stood for Italian production excellence for 70 years and has a history of continuous evolution: from the first raincoats of the early post-war period to high fashion brands production in the 80s and 90s, through to its more extensive current collection, today Herno is synonymous with urban outerwear throughout the fashion world.


The value and excellence of products Made in Italy depend on quality choices being made long before production begins. At Herno, these aspects hinge on the work of an in-house team: around 100 people including stylists, tailors, models and vendors. Many of them started at a very young age and some, luckily for us, have been here for decades cutting and sewing, passing down skills and expertise to younger generations and reinforcing the secrets of the Italian tradition we continue to preserve alongside the determination and dedication to do things well the Italian way.



Herno, which has designed outerwear for functionality over aesthetics, offers a versatile collection, the uniqueness of which is expressed in the lines: a simple and dynamic cut, perfect for urban style. This makes every garment - from coats to down jackets, and waterproofs to leatherwear - both comfortable and elegant, thanks to finishing touches and details that showcase a clear craftsmanship.